Welcome to Depasser Infotech

We are a small but diverse bunch of web developers, graphic designers and creative writers happy to design websites and develop web applications. We make good conversations too!

About Us

Businesses are catering to bigger and better markets year after year. With new and smarter competitors getting in the fray, competition in terms of customer acquisition and market expansion is immense and ever growing. Smart businesses are beginning to learn the benefits of technology and the value it brings to their processes and customer satisfaction. New options in terms of businesses applications, data management and web and Ecommerce solutions have opened up for businesses to surge ahead and gain the extra edge in competition over industry peers and rivals. Moreover, apps and sites are easier, cost effective and quicker to deploy thanks to leaner and smarter development platforms..

At Depasser we strive to be your partner in success by providing world class technological support to your business. Through our dedicated services for application development, web designing and Ecommerce solutions we ensure you stay focused on your core competencies without having to compromise on the quality delivered through ancillary activities. Depasser Infotech provides cost effective development and design services with a purpose driven methodology and an assurance of value and quality.

Who We Are

We are a team of professionals driven by the desire to overcome challenges and set higher industry benchmarks. Depasser believes in exceeding customer expectation with each deliverable and has successfully done so across industries and segments such as education, manufacturing, HR, finance, and online retail. We have deployed applications that improve overall operational productivity while significantly reducing the cost of operation. We measure our success through the simplicity our offerings impart to our customers businesses. A challenge simplified is a point earned.