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We are a small but diverse bunch of web developers, graphic designers and creative writers happy to design websites and develop web applications. We make good conversations too!

User Experience


Applications that facilitate great end point user experience and reduce costs.



Development practices that seamlessly adapt to end user requirements.



Ensuring natural synergy and coherency between form and function.

Small and medium sized businesses are driving the economy today, no wonder organizations are getting flatter and simpler. Technology is helping these small and medium sized businesses to level the playing field by optimizing their processes for better performance and getting the maximum out of small intact teams of employees. It is helping businesses increase scale and efficiency while being dynamic and adaptable to the changing markets. For Business to surge ahead it is critical that they deploy real time data storage and sharing across all processes and channels. Businesses have progressively realized how technology can help them improve their efficiency across process and ultimately help them serve their clients better. .

When competing with deep pocket firms and large market players, even simple applications such as customer management and inventory tracking help businesses scale down costs and ramp up operational capacity. Not only does it help in deriving value out of data but also makes sure businesses are better connected to the markets and respond quickly to dynamic market demands. Businesses have become faster, leaner and innovative facilitating quicker decision making.

At Depasser we develop applications tailored to client specifications and satisfaction keeping in the mind the integral objective of improving process efficiency and cutting down costs. We provide end to end development services to SME's, MME's.

The single most important question for businesses has always been how and where to find the next potential customers and the means to do so. The web has answered the question in a big way by providing customer acquisition platforms as well as the engaging tools. A well crafted business representation, a website, is essential to leverage this platform since not only does it improve the brand equity of the business but also makes sure that you successfully convert visitors into customers. A search engine friendly design with ease of access to information and browsing is the necessary base. It not only ensures that visitors get what they looking for in minimum time, but also alleviates bounce rate which affects search engine rankings. The fact that a website reflects the image and brand personality of the business makes it important for the layout and aesthetics of the website to be in sync with the business brand.

A well crafted business representation, a website, is essential to leverage this platform since not only does it improve the brand equity of the business but also makes sure that you successfully convert visitors into customers.

At Depasser, we put in experienced insight focused on functional and visual permanence to produce great websites that exceed expectations.

Internet connectivity in India has grown by leaps and bounds with improvement in communication infrastructure and device availability. The current internet user base in India is estimated to be around 124 million, representing a penetration of 10%, and continues to grow at a staggering annual rate of 41%.

With an ever growing online population, e-commerce is slated to witness a huge surge in the coming years and is expected to be an $8 billion industry by 2016 and swell up to $125 billion by 2025. Moreover, an entirely untapped market in the form of M-commerce or mobile commerce is set to be explored in the coming decade which will leverage the mobile user base currently pegged at 900million users.

A large number of physical retailers have begun harnessing the potential that online trade offers with blurring geographical boundaries and interconnected online markets. While choosing to take the business online and subsequently to millions of potential buyers, technology and platform development and maintenance form a critical foundation of the idea, requiring the right key partners and service providers. Deliverability in terms of technological support and platform accessibility to the market often dictates the growth and impact of online retail.

Depasser Infotech builds and develops responsive platforms/sites for e retailing with a strong focus on performance and functional excellence. We employ industry best practices and some of the most advances tools available.

With a lion's share of online population accessing the internet through smart phones and tablets, new and better ways of connecting to the end user are available. Users can now purchase products and services on the go while the providers have been able to provide more access points to them. Applications, especially in the field of logistics and online retailing, are now being made available to prospective customers on their phones and product offerings are literally just a touch away.

Depasser develops mobile apps for Android and iOS across a broad range of segments and functions.

Depasser Infotech provides trained and hands-on resources to optimize the visual aspects of your documents, presentations.

We provide DTP staff in the following areas:
  • Page layout
  • Design styles
  • Formatting
  • Newsletters
  • Power Point Presentation (PPT) services to prepare or enhance presentations with advanced features, such as animation and graphics
  • Microsoft Word specialists to enhance documents
Depasser Infotech provides qualified Network engineers whose responsibility includes installing, maintaining and supporting computer communication networks within an organization or between organizations. Their goal is to ensure the smooth operation of communication networks in order to provide maximum performance and availability for their users, such as staff, clients, customers and suppliers.

Depasser Infotech can provide qualified individuals to support all of these roles.

LANs - local area networks, linking a limited area such as a home, office or small group of buildings;

MANs - metropolitan area networks, linking a large area such as a campus or city;

WANs - wide area networks, which link nationally or internationally;

GANs - global area networks, combining all of the above with satellite mobile-communication technologies.

We provide engineers in the following areas:

  • Installing, supporting and maintaining new server hardware and software infrastructure
  • Managing email, anti-spam and virus protection
  • Setting up user accounts, permissions and passwords
  • Monitoring network usage
  • Ensuring the most cost-effective and efficient use of servers
  • Suggesting and providing IT solutions to business and management problems