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Top Trending Products To Sell Online In 2019

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To succeed in online business, you need three things. The best product to serve your niche, kick-ass marketing strategy to sell your product and the passion for performing the former two.

Since you are researching and reading this article, I assume you already have made up your mind to start your online business. 2019 is the year of taking action and fueling your dream project.

The world is continually evolving around technology and introducing new products each day to the market. We have been talking to some enthusiastic entrepreneurs like you who are facing challenges to finding the right product to sell online.

Finding trending products to sell online can be a little tricky. Everything you could possibly sell online is already being sold by other people out there which is completely ok. Yes, it is not essential to innovate and market a unique product which no one is selling. What all you need to do is finding the RIGHT product to sell.

There are plenty of e-commerce product ideas to help you get started. Don’t randomly pick something based on a guess. Do your market research.

In this article, I am not going to throw the list of innovative products which no one is selling. Instead, this article will guide you to find the right product with some excellent product examples.

What are the ways you can find e-commerce business ideas?

e-commerce ideas


  1. Determine the “why” and the “who.”

The first step to come up with a product idea is to identify the “why” and the “who” of it. Your business won’t be successful if you can’t determine why your product is good and for whom is the perfect solution.

  1. Sell a solution to the problem, not a product

The most effective way to develop a product which people would buy is solving their problem. Pay attention to what makes people frustrated. Come up with a product which serves their need.

Start accepting the existing product as it is and think how you could make it better. Look for problems, they can you own pain areas too. Find what is tedious or annoying. Think about what people would like to do that they can’t.

  1. Follow your own interest

Use your know-how to sell and position the product. Following your passion in your business will help you throughout to stay motivated and overcome problems.

You can invest yourself deeply in what you are doing if you are genuinely passionate about something.

  1. Sell what people are searching for

Look for the keywords people are searching for. Search for keywords opportunities and strategically finalise the product on the basis of search engine queries.

  1. Shortlist products with higher profit margins

Look for products that can generate high-profit margins. Consider the different types of costs involved in it. It is not only the cost of creating the product but also the cost required to promote, stock and ship the same.

  1. Utilise your professional experience

The industry you are currently working with can give you quality insights. It gives you a particular set of knowledge and expertise over others in a specific area. Turning your expertise into an online business can’t be a bad idea.

  1. Read customer reviews on similar product sites

No business idea is 100% unique. There will always be people who are involved in a similar product you are planning to deal with.

Imperfections are opportunities for new business ideas. What you have to do is to identify the loopholes in existing products that you can solve in the market.

How to find niche products to sell online?

I already have listed the theory above, now let’s talk practical. If I would have been in your place, the general process I would have followed is,

Step1: Research trending ideas on Google trends

Step2: Market research to find out whether the industry sales are growing

Step3: Narrowing down product categories using google search volumes

Step4: Get the sales data from JungleScout


List of products you can sell online in 2019

Regardless of what industry you choose, there usually are two options you have to sell a product from.

  1. Customised products
  2. Niche products

Today, personalised products are the most popular products among people online.

Also, many brands are selling both customised products and niche products.

Offering products, especially from those brands which are already sold on major marketplaces like Amazon and Flipkart will make extremely difficult for you to be successful.

However, if you can offer products which are customised or niche, and build a great shopping experience for your customers, success won’t run away from you.

  1. Beard oil

beard oil

Google trends also give you the region-wise segregation. You can have a better idea about where your target audience resides.

You can further narrow down your product idea by analysing related search queries.

beard oil Explore Google Trends

man with brown beard

Beards are growing into a big business. E-commerce entrepreneurs are finding a profitable niche in a product line of beard and facial hair care.

2. Detox products

detox tea

detox juice

There is a group of people in India, who are increasingly restricting their spending on materialistic goods and focusing on health and wellness.

Detoxification (detox) diets and cleanses are more popular than ever. Supply truly and convenient food to busy people which they seek. The juice cleanse bandwagon is becoming very popular among the working class in India.

This also gives you upselling and cross-selling opportunities to leverage your brand in a rapidly growing niche.

3. Art supplies

art supplies


Millions of people enjoy perceiving art as a hobby. The people who are artists, or passionate about art and paintings can build a pool of audience by creating a community.

4. Fitness band

fitness band

fitness band

These are electronic accessories can be integrated well with smartphones. This helps people to monitor a range of wellness data such as total calories burnt, total steps walked a day, heartbeat and many more.

They are quite popular among health conscious people. Smartwatch business is expected to grow by 15% in 2021.

5. Bluetooth earbuds

bluetooth earbuds

wireless earphones

Today’s tech-savvy customers want the maximum convenience. Wireless earphones are convenient for people. While more and more phones without a headset jack are showing up in the market, wireless earphones are going to boom the market. Since apple’s Air pods have become a hit, more and more companies are rolling out their own wireless earbuds and earphones.

6. Indoor plantation

indoor plant online


People nowadays prefer having plants in their house or at the workplace which gives them a positive effect and reduces stress. Mix in all the home décor and nature loving community it has a great niche.

You can create a fabulous content section about indoor home décor and related products. You can also find some influencer bloggers in this segment to reach out your niche audience.

7. Party supplies

party supplies

party material

While looking at this post, you should be thinking that how can I combine these products to sell it to the party hosts. As people are running out of time these days, giving them the option to throw a party with convenience will definitely get you great sales.

Parents spend a lot of birthday parties for their kids. Come up with an option where you provide pre-packaged birthday decorations based on gender and age.

8. Baby clothes

baby clothes


Baby products will always be in need. But this is such a broad category. You can be further sub-categorise this category and go for clothing or baby care products.  Thousands of people are buying baby clothes online every day.

Firstcry is a fantastic example of this type of online e-commerce brand you should strive to sell online.

9. Sell cell phone cases online

customized mobile cases

mobile cover

Image source: bewakoof.com

Statistica estimates that the number of smartphone users in India could reach almost 468 million by 2021. Technology in these phones progresses, so it becomes equally important to guard these devices.

This constitutes an enormous market for cell phone covers. Cell phone cases are cheap and affordable. They are easy to ship with no risk.

The recurring demand makes this category more significant to choose this as an e-commerce product.

Again, bewakoof is a fantastic example who are doing excellent in this type of product category.

What type of small businesses can you start in 2019?

With Depasser Infotech, you can dive into entrepreneurship by creating a beautiful e-commerce website for your dream venture. Even if you have got 9 to 5 job, or you have a busy lifestyle, you can still create your small online venture that works according to your schedule.


Selling handmade products online is one popular idea to sell custom products at your convenience. You have various alternatives to choose from, like handmade jewellery, handbags, Handmade gifts and many more. You can apply your skills here to create one of a kind product which will help you to stand out.

If you are artful and love to create handmade products, you can give your business a head start with a beautiful online website. You can build your dream career with the help of e-commerce.

Drop shipping:

Drop shipping is a method where the retailer does not keep any products in stock. When a store sells any product, it is being shipped to the buyer directly from the manufacturer. When there is sell, the third party collects the shipment directly from the manufacturer and delivers to the customer.

This is how, as a retailer, you can build a risk-free online business. You need to buy the goods from manufacture as and when a customer orders the product. This helps you to keep your costs low.


What can you take away from this post?

Choosing the right product or product line can be a trigger to your online success. The products you are going to pick will shape your entire online business.

Don’t be afraid to look for a smaller product or niche. No idea is small if it can solve the pain of your customer.

Ready to become an entrepreneur? This is the ideal time to build your e-commerce business.

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